1984 Roaring Lion Part 5/5 – Galerie Bray

Roaring Lion

From the 17 to the 28 September 1984 the 1 (BE) Corps organized big maneuvers in the area of Warburg, west of Kassel. These operations implied no less than 23,000 men (among whom 19,500 Belgians, 3,000 Americans and 500 Germans), 5,700 wheeled vehicles, 1,500 tracked vehicles and 270 motorcycles. Enjoy it.

Regards Christian

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Christian Bray

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  1. 4

    Hi Christian…thanks also from my side for one of the best picture galleries on MD!! Hopefully you’ll show us some more from your collection!?

    Regards Totti

  2. 3

    Hallo Christian. Ganz starkes Kino.Auf Bild 1.Ist das ein AMX 13?.Den haben mein Freund Dirk und ich auch damals öfter mal gesehen.Für uns war er nicht so interressant,weil nicht so spektakulär. Heute würde ich sonst was dafür geben ihn nochmal live zu erleben.Gruß joe

  3. 2
    Arnd Wöbbeking

    A really brilliant gallery Christian! As lArs said, I think all readers here like your incredible photo. So I would like to thank you for sharing them with us!

    Cheers Arnd

  4. 1
    Lars de Vries

    Unfortunately the last Part……the quality is amazing for that time. All military-database User hope for many many more pics from your unbelivable Archiv. Thanks for that Christian…..on of the best set of pics we ever had.

    Regards Lars

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