1984 Lionheart – Galerie Cox

© David Cox

I was a troop sergeant in C Squadron. The Royal Hussars equipped with Challenger 1s. In fact this was the first exercise where Challenger was introduced to the world. It was the largest NATO exercise since WWII and involved 134,000 troops from all NATO countries. Personally i found it a bit boring as they wanted a dramatic entrance for Challenger. Consequently we were held in reserve and spent the best part of two weeks hidden away, camouflaged in woods until almost the final battle which was a counter penetration mission. I suppose the nearest town was Walsrode and city was Hanover about 30/40 minutes away. I was based in Lumsden Barracks at Fallingbostel which was the opposite side of the ranges to Bergen Hohne. Regards Dave


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  1. 5

    Hammer Bilder
    Ich höre sie gerade Fahren

    Gruß Dirk

  2. 4

    WOW David, great pictures from a great time.

    Very sad that the british forces will leave germany…

    Unglaubliche Aufnahmen. Die Stimmung muss der Hammer gewesen sein. Quer über die Äcker… man man man…

    Thank you!!

    Best wishes,

  3. 3
    Lars de Vries

    Great pictures of a great time….my childhood in pictures. Many thanks for that.

    Regards Lars

  4. 2

    Unbeliavable Photos, mate! Thank you very much for support!

  5. 1
    Michael Uffmann

    absolut geniale Bilder! Die Challys vor dem Bahnübergang :-)……… ja da kommen wie immer, die Bilder aus vergangenen Zeiten zurück vor`s geistige Auge. Vielen Dank für`s zeigen!


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